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Meaning of the name

Rostislav translated from Old Slavonic means "the one whose glory is growing."


As a child, Rostislav is a capricious, disobedient, whiny child. Can manipulate parents. Parents pamper him, indulge whims.

Rostislav is often ill. Diseases are mainly related to the nervous system. Growing up, Rostislav becomes a pleasant, responsible, open person. He is actively involved in sports to overcome childhood ailments.

Rostislav is undoubtedly talented. There are many priests among Rostislavs.

Rostislav, born in winter, is most often a fighter for the truth. His sense of justice is sometimes pathological. Rostislav believes in the success of his undertaking. The character is difficult, he likes to teach other people.

But everyone forgives him, because he is very kind, always in a hurry to the rescue of friends and relatives. Rostislav is a little phlegmatic, not very neat, he wears clothes "to the holes." Comfort in everyday life is not important for him.

Rostislav, born in summer, is usually a weak character, easily amenable to someone else's influence. Often unhappy in a marriage because the spouse does not understand him. He tries to realize himself at work, but does not always work out.

Rostislav, born in the fall, is different from his fellows. Clever where necessary, cunning, good diplomat. But Rostislav needs to beware of alcohol, if he starts drinking, he will not stop.


Rostislav in love is extremely timid and indecisive. He is afraid of everything - betrayal, deception, failure in sex. He needs his partner to let him know that she loves him, respects him, is confident in him as a man.

Rostislav needs an experienced, strong woman, often older than him. He needs custody. But at the same time, she wants to appear strong and skillful. It is important for his chosen one not to cross the line between unobtrusive support and full care, otherwise Rostislav will simply run away.

In order to get pleasure from sex, Rostislav needs to completely relax, forget about problems. A suitable environment will help - scented candles, massage, a warm bath for two with your beloved.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Aries, Virgo, Libra.


The sound of the name Rostislav gives the impression of something coarse, courageous, mighty, active, strong.

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