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Meaning of the name

Silva translated from Latin means "forest".


Little Silva is sociable, mobile, friendly, generous, and simple-minded, has a quick reaction, but a little careless in everyday life. Growing up, she manifests herself as a strong, independent personality of a somewhat adventurous slope.

At school, among classmates, she is a cheerleader, enjoys authority, most often becomes a class leader. It cannot be said that you feel calm next to her, however, without her life loses its sharpness, it becomes boring.

The adult Silva changes little, she is just as active and carefree. He prefers to work where there is no hard work schedule, there is communication with people, and at least a relative freedom of action is provided.

Sylvia prefers the profession of an advertising and insurance agent, a guide, a fashion model, can achieve success in trade, business, art.

Silva chooses her friends to match herself, just as active, freedom-loving and exalted. She changes her friends constantly, she is always interested in a new environment. Does not tolerate people who are slow, deep in themselves.

Silva gets married early, but leads a rather turbulent life. She settles down only after the birth of a child: she becomes more balanced, pays more attention to fulfilling family responsibilities.

Sylvia is by no means an economical housewife, therefore, for family well-being, it is better if the husband or mother-in-law will manage the budget.

Silva makes men dizzy at any age. He looks for support in a partner, and if he finds it, he knows how to keep the chosen one near him.


Silva is very attractive, determined, knows how to stand up for herself. She is in love, but the easily flared up feeling quickly fades away. And she needs love, since it is the presence of tender feelings for the chosen one that guarantees that Silva will enjoy intimacy.

If Silva was born in the winter, then she is most likely hypersexual, she lures fans one by one, trying to find a partner with the same high level of sexuality, in closeness occupying a dominant, even somewhat aggressive position. Ideal for her is a partner born in December.

Silva is sensual and voluptuous, has a wonderful figure, is able to experience several orgasms in a row, and the second or third is the strongest. Constantly raises the level of awareness in the field of sex, studies relevant literature, consults with professionals.

Silva loves to create a sex-friendly environment, loves music, candles, prefers oral sex. Loves young and physically strong partners, even if she herself is already in adulthood. If the partner does not satisfy her, she breaks up with him without regret.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Silva gives the impression of something feminine, cowardly, small, base, quiet, gentle, light, weak, light, frail.

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