Situational merphology

Situational merphology

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Bebin heap law

Events occur most often where there are already many of them.

Draisen's law of restoration

The time it takes to improve the situation is inversely proportional to the time it gets worse.


It takes longer to glue a vase than to break it.

To lose weight, you need more time than gaining the same amount.

Cafeteria law

What you noticed in the window will be bought by the one who comes in front of you.

Queue principle

The longer the wait, the more likely you are in the wrong line.

Observation of Ettore

The neighboring queue always moves faster.

Ettore's observation option proposed by O'Brien

As soon as you move to another line, your ex starts to move faster.

Kenton's Corollary

Your tossing back and forth is pumping up both lines.

Whitten's law

Whenever you cut your nails, you will need them after an hour.

Hutchison's Law

The need for concentrated attention is always accompanied by an irresistible desire to be distracted.

Jones Zoos and Museums Act

The most interesting exhibit does not have a nameplate.

Wood drawing rules

1. Never draw what you can copy.

2. Never copy what you can circle.

3. Never trace around what you can cut and paste.

Laws of photography

1. The opportunity for the best shot appears when the last frame is used.

2. Good pictures are usually taken with the lens closed.

3. Good shots are lost when, during development, someone inadvertently opens the door and the film lights up.

Sir Walter's Law

The likelihood of getting smoke from a cigarette or a fire in your face is directly proportional to your sensitivity to smoke.

First Kaufman Airports Act

The distance to the boarding gate is inversely related to the time for which you can still catch the flight.

Rogers law

As soon as the flight attendant spreads coffee to the passengers, the plane begins to vibrate.

Davis's explanation of Rogers' law

Dispensing coffee on an airplane causes vibration.

The basic principle of luggage

Whichever transporter you are standing on, your luggage will appear on another.

Billings' Law of Difficulties

Half of the difficulty comes from saying yes too quickly and no quickly enough.

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