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Many people are intimidated on vacation by the fact that the hotel is too noisy. Some of them are so small that they require special attention.

Punta Grande, El Hierro Island, Canary Islands, Spain. It is this hotel that the all-knowing Guinness Book of Records considers the smallest on the planet. The hotel is located in Las Puntas, on one of the islands. A small triangular building was built in the 18th century. The place for it was a spit of solidified lava, going into the ocean. Initially, the house housed customs. The structure is finished on the outside with black volcanic stone, so it even seems to be part of a spit. The hotel itself offers only four cozy rooms, but there is a bar and a restaurant. Having settled in such a place, you can actually feel yourself at the end of the earth. A double room will cost a guest $ 100 per day.

Eh´häusl, Amberg, Germany. More recently, a hotel has opened in Germany, which is ready to challenge the title of the smallest. The area of ​​such a hotel is only 56 square meters. Inside, there was a place for luxurious interiors decorated with silks and velvet. The name of the hotel translates literally as "little marriage house". Its main purpose immediately becomes clear - to accept lovers. Once upon a time in this country, young people could only get married when they had their own home. That is why a resourceful and enterprising resident of the city of Amberg built a small house and sold it at a low price to couples who wanted to get married. Upon marriage, the young sold the house back to the former owner. Such a romantic story served as an excellent advertisement for the hotel. Now a double room costs $ 250.

One Hotel Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia. This hotel in Cambodia can be considered a designer hotel. True, it has only one suite, but it is very spacious. The guest is offered several rooms equipped with everything that is necessary for a lone traveler or a couple of lovers seeking peace. This and a huge soft forge, rain shower, jacuzzi and a spacious terrace. The service in such a hotel is at the level of luxury five-star hotels. Guests are prepared by a personal chef and guided tours. He is ready to accompany guests to any part of an exotic country. Such a vacation is estimated at $ 250 per day.

Costa Plenti, Sydney, Australia. In the most expensive and prestigious area of ​​Sydney, Double Bay, there is a luxury hotel. True, there is only one number in it. It is very beautiful and modern, and therefore expensive. Guests get a fully equipped and ready-to-use kitchen, multiple plasma TVs, Wi-Fi and even a large library. A personal chef is available to call at any time of the day. He will be happy to cook any, even the most intricate dish. A walk around the neighborhood can be done in a limousine. This room costs $ 450 per day.

Rutundu, Lake Rutundu, Kenya. Hotels as close as possible to nature are most often found in Africa. A wooden mono-hotel is located on the picturesque shores of Lake Rutundu. The civilized world is far from here, but lions, rhinos, hippos and other African animals live in the neighborhood. The hotel is in demand among wealthy gentlemen who want to relax by the fireplace and on the terrace under the light of kerosene lamps. There is only one hotel room. The floor is covered with animal skins. The bedroom has a rather small bed. All furniture in the room, as well as the walls of the building itself, are made of rough, untreated wood. You can also get to this place on foot - a trip through the jungle will take several days. But guests prefer a much faster helicopter journey. The secluded hotel would have remained unknown to the general public if not for Prince William. It was here that he proposed to Kate Middleton, thereby advertising the hotel to the whole world. Maybe that's why now a hotel room costs as much as $ 350?

One by the Five, Paris, France. Once upon a time this place was an ordinary, albeit luxurious, but apartment. Designers have made a rather unusual hotel out of a dwelling in the center of Paris. Here, every journey from the living room to the corridor, from the bedroom to the bathroom, will take place in a new world. Each of them has its own special mood, awakening some feelings. The large entrance hall is filled with images of statues installed inside the Louvre and tells about the art of seduction. The kitchen has an expressive black bar, and the living room stirs up passion with its shades of red. The bedroom is made in lilac-blue tones. It creates the illusion of a real seventh heaven, because all objects, including the bed, do not touch the floor! It is not surprising that there are those willing to pay for such a double room $ 1400 per day.

Utter Inn, Vasteras, Sweden. Those who are really tired of human interaction should go to a small Swedish hotel. Its secret is that it is located in the very center of the lake. Even though the city of Vasteras is not far from here, you can be sure that no one will disturb the guest in the hotel. And the room is not as small as it might seem from the outside. There was a place in the house for a small but comfortable bedroom, completely located under water. It has two beds at once, a table and a kitchen. It is assumed that the guest will cook for himself. Not without a toilet with a bath. For those who are deprived of culinary skills, food will be delivered to boats for a fee. A rest in such a mini-hotel is worth $ 350 per day for two.

Harbor Crane, Harlingen, The Netherlands. As a child, any boy dreamed of operating a real crane. Today, any adult man can make his dreams come true by visiting the Dutch town of Harlingen. Here in 2003 one of the local shore cranes was converted into a hotel. The guests do not mind that it is located 17 meters above the sea. There are only two rooms inside the mini-hotel, but they are decorated in an ultramodern style. You have to use the elevator to get to your bedroom in the cockpit. In the room, you can enjoy the industrial landscapes of the port and the sea while lying on your bed. Interestingly, despite the re-equipment of the crane into a hotel. It can still perform its basic functions. A double room will cost $ 500 here. Is it a pity for them for fulfilling a childhood dream?

Rotarius B & B, Asti, Italy. This Italian hotel operates on a Bed & Breakfest basis. The hotel has only one room, but it is very unusual! This is a huge room located right in the medieval palace of Roero di Monteu. She amazes with only one truly royal bed. And what about the interior decoration, combining antiques and modern fixtures. Throwing open the ancient arched windows, you can admire the beautiful views of Piedmont. For guests staying in this room, the hosts will happily provide an Italian breakfast. Those who decide to stay here longer will have an introductory tour of local wineries. This room for two people costs 250 euros per night.

Woodlyn Park, New Zealand. This hotel will appeal to all Tolkien fans. Indeed, in New Zealand you can now live in a tiny but cozy hobbit burrow. It is one of the elements of the mini-hotel complex. A guest can live not only in a hole dug in the mountain, but also be a visitor to an old train, an airplane from the middle of a century, or a real patrol ship from the Second World War. In any case, the guest will find lovely country-style interiors, a nice bedroom with air conditioning and TV. What else do you need for a quality stay in a hotel? A room for two people costs $ 99 here.

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