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Meaning of the name

Stanislava translated from Polish means "peak of glory", "most glorious".


Little Stanislava is extremely sociable, cordial, inquisitive. In the company of children, she was a cheerleader, the games she invented are never eaten.

She studies well at school, participates in various circles and sections, enjoys authority and respect among her classmates, but does not engage in social work.

Adult Stanislava does not change much - she is just as easy to communicate, easy-going. Failures are not able to unsettle her; luck and success do not evoke violent delight.

She is very reluctant to engage in social work (if at all), since she is used to working only for herself.

The main thing in work, according to Stanislava, is not prestige, but profitability. This woman does not tolerate long painstaking work, but if the work can be done quickly, she is capable of giving her all.


Sex for Stanislava is an inexhaustible source of joy and happiness. This woman is able to experience the fullness of sensory sensations, therefore, proximity for her is an excellent mystery, a kind of object of worship.

Stanislava appreciates not only physical pleasure - sex without emotional experiences is not complete for her. Over time, her emotional connection with a partner grows stronger, because Stanislava does not seek to have several men at the same time, so as not to be scattered over trifles.

Stanislava prefers the deepening of strong relationships to the construction of new ones, therefore he is unlikely to cheat on a person whom he really loves. She is quite temperamental, but in bed she prefers a subordinate position, especially the "winter" one, which is not very prone to outbursts of passion.

Stanislava, born in summer, is more active in sex, but she also takes a passive position in love games.

Stanislav marries for love, but she is not alien to sober calculation. She is faithful to her husband, a wonderful housewife, loving wife and mother. Stanislava does not tell anyone about her personal problems, therefore her family life is a secret for relatives and friends.


Silver, light green, black, brown.

A rock

Chalcedony, jasper, labrador.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Stanislav gives the impression of something feminine.

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