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Unusual social networks

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Social media is booming today. However, at times these interests can be quite unusual.

The boom in social media has spawned not only giants with millions of members, but weird, niche sites as well. Let's talk about the most unusual social networks created in the world. They also created their own strange social network in Russia. And it exists exclusively for dog breeders. It would seem that it is unusual for people to communicate there about their interests? Only the four-legged pets themselves blog there. There you can see the posts of the poor animals that were lost. They do not understand what people are telling them and do not take affection. But the dog will immediately recognize its future owner. Touching stories are not much different from ordinary human stories. Moreover, dogs have all the attributes that other users of social networks have - friends, photos, statuses, comments and profiles. This service is a collective microblogging, the purpose of which is anonymous flirting. The network has become so popular that in just the first month and a half of its existence, it has already gained 20 million views, which provided an investment of $ 5 million. It is curious that even the actor Ashton Kutcher decided to invest in the new service. On the site, participants are asked to first choose a place for future flirting. It can be a city or even a certain part of it - a district, a park, an educational institution. Then inviting messages will be sent anonymously. Flirting is a pretty subtle thing, and the site allows you to do it in a rather unusual way. Our compatriots have not yet appreciated this service - the correspondence in the Moscow chat is rather sluggish. This community of people brings together predictors. No, not those who predict the future of people or the weather. Most of the participants are related to the field of information technology, making predictions in this area. Predictions are quite bold. People talk about the fact that Artemy Lebedev can get involved in politics or about when Yandex will release a phone under its own brand. Under the forecast, participants leave comments and assess the likelihood of such an event. Once it comes true, the rating of the forecaster increases. But registering in this service is not so easy - you need an invitation. There are many services for communication and acquaintance of persons of non-traditional sexual orientation. This one differs in that it also offers a geolocation function. An application has been developed for the iPhone, in which on the map you can see where the gay people are looking for dating. This social network chose, although a narrow group of people, they are very grateful for such a useful service. The site became famous for the fact that once, at a conference on innovations, Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman almost started looking for gays with his help right in the hall of the Academy of National Economy. Fortunately, things did not go beyond threats. And the host of that conference, Anatoly Chubais, thanked the active speaker for keeping his private life. It remains to wait for someone to explore at another conference with the participation of VIPs. This social network is dedicated to the deceased. Even its very name - "We Remember", is rather significant. It's good that no one had the idea to write posts on behalf of deceased relatives. On this social network, people create pages on which they post photos of the deceased and dedicate epitaphs to them. Some analogue of "friends" adds sociality to this resource. Here they are called worshipers and are mostly relatives of other deceased people. They leave their comments, messages and epitaphs, report on the ordered services for the peace of the souls of loved ones. It is interesting that the author of this strange social network was even made an analogue of the "like" that is present on Facebook. Here such is the "Minute of Silence". If social networks appear like mushrooms after rain, so why should the numerous parodies of them be born? True, most of them exist in the form of just screenshots of non-existent sites. But Ncludr is a real wave, moreover, it is also a technologically advanced parody. When registering, a new user fills out a questionnaire. Based on the responses to it, the site itself creates a person's profile. At the same time, both the home page and the user's page are a pronounced parody of all those stamps used by the creators of popular social networks. Ncludr also contains pages for "regular" users. Among them are Ronald McDonald, Chuck Norris, Mary Poppins, Paperclip, Lincoln's Plastic Head, and many other folklore characters. At the time of the creation of such a resource, it was a rather sharp and funny parody. But even today the resource has not lost its popularity. The global fashion for social networks eventually swept over Russia. The very first portal of this kind, Odnoklassniki, has earned the largest number of parodies - Drinking Companions, Glamorous People, Odnoglaziki, Kindergarteners, Lovers. In this case, it is worth talking about non-existent sites, screenshots of which went around the Web. However, some really existed and had simple and extremely simplified functionality. Over time, the boom of parodies came to naught, many such sites fulfilled their entertainment function and closed or got lost. The most technologically advanced version of them all turned out to be "Inmates". Its advancement lies in the fact that there are two whole pages. You can go to the second one from the starting one if you try to select your colony (analogous to the school in Odnoklassniki). Instead of the "Reply" button, there is a "Give a crab" button, and "Close" is replaced by "Saw a rooster". A social network has been created for the representatives of the cinema - directors, screenwriters and simply those who are close to this in profession or spirit. It should be noted that this idea is not new; they have tried to implement it dozens of times. Only now you need to take into account the needs of these specific users and show your imagination. For example, in Russia they created "Kinokrug", an analogue of "My Circle", only for filmmakers. However, there is very little activity there. Why not make a site with a spark, the enthusiasts decided and created "Lost Zombies". Here, a team of fans, albeit not indifferent to the image of the walking dead, comes up with their own film about zombies right on the site. Like-minded people participate in discussions, come up with unusual plot twists and even upload photo and video materials that will be used in a future film. It remains only to wait for the release of this film masterpiece, the date has not yet been announced. Typically, social media creators follow a simple pattern. An already successful site is taken, a clone of it is made and reassigned for a different audience. It has already been mentioned about Facebook for dogs, classmates for prisoners and my circle for filmmakers. REMcloud is a Twitter for dreams. If in an ordinary microblogging everyone creates his own tape of records, then in REMcloud there is one tape and everyone who wants to post their dreams there. You can find truly unique records. I must say that this is far from the only site where users share their dreams. But REMcloud has the most intuitive and user-friendly interface. This social network is called simply and clearly - "My Free Implants". At the same time, already from the pictures on the main page it becomes clear which artificial parts of the body are in question. This one is not dentures at all, but a silicone breast. The network was created for those girls who want to become more attractive, but do not have money for plastic surgery. They post their photos and indicate the chosen clinic and the amount required for breast augmentation. In addition to girls, there are two other types of users on the social network. Donors give the candidates they like with money for the operation, while they can talk in advance with their chosen one. There are plastic surgeons here who not only advertise their clinics, but also give free advice. As practice shows, depending on the external data of the girl and her needs, it is quite possible to collect the amount required for implants in just 2-3 months. Naturally, donors donate money for a reason. After all, a social network also performs the functions of a dating site.

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