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Meaning of the name

Walter in translation from the ancient German means "hero".


In childhood, these boys communicate more with adults than with classmates. They study well, go in for sports: barbell, acrobatics. But only the "winter" ones achieve some kind of success in sports. Snoopers love to argue, to prove their own, often going from one extreme to another.

Childhood is stormy, their knees are always broken. Kind, among their peers they are leaders. Friends love them, they will never let you down and will always stand up for the weak. Outwardly charming, sociable and girls always like them.

After graduating from the institute, they almost do not work in their specialty. Among them are engineers, trainers, acrobats, mechanics, teachers, actors, dentists, welders, carpenters. They take up any work without shyness and do it perfectly.

They love to read historical literature, some of them compose epigrams. They marry late, are married twice, but this only applies to "winter" ones. They are not indifferent to nature, fishing.

Born in the summer, they are not too talkative, they like to listen more to what others have to say. They are vulnerable, tolerant of people. More often - fathers of daughters who are very attached to them.


Emotional, subject to feelings. The degree of his sexuality depends on his woman. With a skilled partner, Walter is transformed, his sexual needs increase.

With a woman who was able to awaken sensuality in him, he tries not to part. Doesn't tend to change partners often; if a friend suits him, a break can occur only on her initiative, he himself will never dare to give up the pleasure of intimate meetings with her. He is very sensitive, the slightest insincerity did not go unnoticed by him.

However, he is naive and trusting, it is easy to convince him. Walter is tactful, intelligent, easily wins the love and trust of his partner, without much effort. Capable of strong feelings. Reaches sexual maturity early. Poorly versed in female psychology.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Walter gives the impression of something majestic, strong, powerful.

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