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Meaning of the name

Ursula means "bear" in German.


Little Ursula is a restless, restless girl, loves outdoor games. She is a true choleric: mobile, quick-tempered, but quick-witted, easily injured.

She studies well at school, but sometimes she lacks perseverance and endurance. She does not seek to excel in her studies, preferring to give way to people who want to attract attention.

The adult Ursula has great inner strength, assertive, somewhat masculine character. She is swift like an arrow or a lark. Sociable, but they absolutely do not give in to other people's influence.

She is overly demanding of herself and others. He treats colleagues at work as potential competitors, even enemies, but, if necessary, can moderate his aggressiveness.

Ursula has an analytical mindset, therefore, she is more often interested in small things, and not in the whole. She is very careful, prefers to wait until others take the first step. Intuition simply does not recognize, preferring to be guided by logic and common sense in all matters.

Ursula is unusually hardworking, always achieving her goal. Most often, she chooses the profession of a doctor, pharmacist, is fond of exact sciences, languages. Can become an agronomist, even the owner of a bar or cafe. She has innate pedagogical skills and strives to teach in any work.

Ursula is inclined to be overweight, therefore she is forced to sit on a diet for a long time. She should be engaged in swimming, hardening, vacation at sea, since she just needs iodine.


Ursula is unusually attractive, sociable, sensual. Sex for her is, first of all, an imposition on how to live well and eat deliciously. In relation to men, he shows an active, and sometimes aggressive position, seeks to rule in bed, does not tolerate when a partner tries to command.

For Ursula, there are no prohibitions or restrictions in sex, but if a man tries to persuade her to take any actions that she does not like, he will receive a fitting rebuff. It is simply impossible to force Ursula to do anything.

Ursula chooses her future husband herself, while not succumbing to impulses of sensuality - she is guided by sober calculation. Attaches great importance to the bonds of marriage.

He considers other women to be potential competitors and seeks to limit, if possible, her husband's social circle. In anger, Ursula does not completely control her actions, therefore it is better not to tease her, and even more so, not to show aggression towards her.



A rock

Chalcedony, green garnet, emerald, hyacinth, chrysolite, blue quartz, amethyst.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Ursula gives the impression of something courageous, brave, big, simple, sad, loud, smooth, cold, slow, slow, long.

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