The psychology of money

The psychology of money

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Money is the lowest form of power and is the easiest to abuse. Money is the most powerful drug on earth. Where money appears, inequality arises and dignity disappears. Money makes people think in a new way - equivalents, monetary units, etc. Paper money was first produced in China. And throughout its existence, money gradually changed its appearance. If initially they looked like stones, shells, non-ferrous metals, today they are checks and banknotes, coins and plastic cards, bank accounts and much more.

Part of social psychology has become the notion that time is money and there are no more loyal friends than a wife, a dog and cash. You can also consider money as a mask (a fake person's face) that is worn to communicate with others. Money is self-affirmation in the eyes of acquaintances and friends, in your own eyes. Money is a way of distorting the real essence of a person, it is an opportunity to make others perceive you as absolutely different from who you really are.

Over the centuries, money in the mind of a person has become overgrown with fables, prejudices and other superstitions. People deified money, exalted it, endowed it with magical properties and fiercely hated it. This is quite natural, because the golden calf has always directly or indirectly influenced human destinies. Myths were born in the form of fears, which were consolidated and passed from mouth to mouth to subsequent generations. Stereotypes of thinking are always tenacious, because not everyone wants to think, for many it is much more convenient to live when others think for them.

Envy helps you make money. In fact, one of the strongest incentives for us to make money is commonplace envy. Many condemn her and simply do not want to acknowledge her existence in themselves, proving to themselves that this is just decisiveness, pragmatism, ambition, etc. However, listening to the opinion of great philosophers, let us not forget that it is that we will not be weighed down by the sight of someone else's great happiness. It is envy that is one of the most serious enemies of happiness.

Wealth is passed down from generation to generation. If a person is sure that he will not be able to get rich without the help of his wealthy ancestors and a solid inheritance, therefore he absolutely does not strain, does not strive, then he really does not "shine" big money. A purposeful person, thanks to his skills and efforts, can make an excellent career and really improve his financial situation.

Feng Shui will help you make a lot of money. This is a myth for those who work very hard and hard, but at the same time do not receive either material satisfaction or moral satisfaction from their work. In the process of making money, it is much more practical to rely on yourself, in any case, sooner or later this brings visible results in the form of monetary rewards.

You need connections to get rich. There is an opinion that in order to become rich or to invest profitably, you must have connections. Those people who think so, really cannot increase their capital, since they do nothing for this, but simply find an excuse for themselves. An energetic, sociable person who sets himself the task of getting rich will sooner or later achieve this goal.

An intimate journey to money paradise. A huge part of women really believe that the shortest and easiest way to financial heaven lies, if not through the heart of a man, then through the bed. However, in reality it turns out that such a road is lined with thorns. And not all selfish calculations turn out to be correct, while there is no guarantee that your financial well-being will last for a long time.

Marriage with an oligarch is the best way to improve your well-being. This is truly a complete myth. As it turns out, in most cases, marrying a poor, in most cases beautiful, woman, the money tycoon is not at all going to part with the millions he has earned. Gives you money strictly for the intended purpose, mostly greedy and prudent. Yes, you may have the opportunity not to work, to run a household, to have children, but at the same time there is no guarantee that you will not find yourself on the street tomorrow with a bunch of children, without a profession, without education, without work experience in this or that area and with very modest alimony.

Money can solve all problems. Many people think that if they had a lot of money, they could solve all their problems. In reality, this is not entirely true. Yes, many problems are solved very quickly with the help of money, but do not forget the popular wisdom "little money is a little problem, and big money is a big problem." In this case, the way out of the situation may be your changed attitude towards money. Only changing yourself, your stereotypes and habits will lead you to wealth.

You need to love money, then there will be a lot of them. It is worth finding out for ourselves right away what we love more - to spend money or to take care of their increase. After all, money gives us the opportunity to realize our desires in life, to gain complete freedom, to receive all kinds of pleasures. From the moment we start to respect money, they begin to fall into our hands, because everyone knows that love is the biggest magnet in the world. Yes, you really need to love money, but you should not put it first in your life.

Money can not buy happiness. This is how people who are not able to earn decent money usually think, such a statement is a kind of protection. However, it is worth offering such a person money, as it immediately becomes clear that by saying that happiness is not in money, he was simply hypocritical. In such cases, people immediately forget about their principles, but there are those who can work on sheer enthusiasm, but there are very few of them. Lack of money prevents a person from receiving full satisfaction from life, and their presence often directly contributes to the emergence of happiness. After all, a person was born precisely in order to become happy and as rich as possible. Money helps us to open up, to please our loved ones, so we cannot say that happiness lies only in money, but on the other hand, it cannot be argued that happiness can be complete if you do not have money. Money enhances happiness.

Luck is the foundation of wealth. This is truly a misconception. Many people believe that lucky people get decent money without much effort, for example, winning a casino, lottery, inheritance. Such cases are extremely rare. The bulk of wealthy people earned their money, starting with scanty start-up capital, but at the same time having a great desire and perseverance in achieving their goal. Yes, fate may give you a chance, but it is not yet a fact that you will understand this in time and use it. And to sit and wait all your life, doing nothing, you can not wait for anything. After all, real luck visits those people who go to meet her and make every effort to bring her meeting closer.

The more you work, the more money you make. Real wealth comes to the one who thinks, plans and acts correctly, not to the one who simply plows from dawn to dawn. Only in the case of a competent approach to the issue of making money, after thinking everything deeply, you have a chance to become rich. And the degree of your energy spent and the amount of money are not connected with each other. After all, as you know, the poor work from dawn to dawn, and earn a penny. The key to success is a strong desire and a strong belief in yourself.

No matter how much you work, you cannot jump above your head. Such confidence programs you in advance for inaction and poverty, complete passivity. A negative position, a person's doom, initially set him up for failure. As you know, everyone can change their destiny, one has only to first change the course of their thoughts, their mood, get rid of stereotypes.

A penny protects the ruble. As you know, the lower our costs, the more the limitations of our needs grow. Asceticism has not yet stimulated anyone to make money. This means that the less money you spend, the less you can spend your efforts on making money. It is excessive frugality that leads to blocking of business activity. The answer to this statement can be considered the popular wisdom "the miser pays twice."

At forty, there is no money, and will not be. It is believed that you can make a fortune only when you are young. And after forty you can relax - all the same, the train has already left. This false negative attitude still lives on in the minds of many. A simple example. Abraham Lincoln, whose portrait adorns a five-dollar bill, was a failure in any business, whatever he took up to 40 years. This great man only succeeded in adulthood.
Contrary to popular belief, statistically speaking, people create the best between the ages of about forty and sixty. These claims are based on careful research into the activities of thousands of people. Suffice it to cite such famous millionaires as Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie as examples.
Believe with all your being that you can become a rich person at any age. Most wealthy people made their fortunes after forty. If you are under forty, then you have ahead. If more, then the time of your heyday is just coming.

Poverty is not a vice. Poverty is the virtue of a humble person who lacks stars from the sky, is content with little and does not compromise his principles.
However, poverty and poverty are different. One can deeply sympathize with a sick person, a pensioner, whom the state used and then threw into the dustbin of history. Or a military man released on all four sides after 20 years of impeccable service. Forgivable forced poverty for able-bodied people who are in an intense search for their place under the sun and are ready to work with all their might, but have not yet found their niche. The material deprivation of such citizens inevitably deserves compassion and help, both from the state and from those who are richer.
There is another category of citizens who like to repeat this proverb to justify their passivity and inaction. This is an army of idlers and talkers. They use this myth as a justifying argument. How many healthy dependents, lazy people, consumer-minded individuals, couch dreamers who have failed to fit into the new reality, into today's rather cruel world, are among us? They simply do not want to take responsibility for their well-being into their own hands. These new poor people are not only passive, but also aggressive in their accusation of anyone, but not themselves. They shield themselves from wealth and prosperity with their negative attitudes. Vice - destroys a person from the inside, like a worm devouring the core of a ripe apple. Poverty also corrodes a person's consciousness, like rust, and he perceives life negatively. He enters it as if from the back door, because he is convinced that the front door is not for him. Deprivation and limitations make him forget that he was born for happiness and wealth. There is no virtue in poverty. And the poor have no less vices than the rich. Most of them are passive, envious, lack of initiative, limited.
Indeed, poverty is not a vice. But the kind of poverty we just talked about nests in the mind, a kind of mental illness that must be treated. When something hurts, we go to the doctor, tell him about the symptoms of our illness, and he prescribes a course of treatment. You can get rid of poverty on your own, but it is better with the help of a specialist who will cure a chronic illness of consciousness.

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