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For the first time, they began to play roulette in the 18th century, when this entertainment appeared in a Parisian casino. Since then, with the help of such a gambling game, millions of people have tested their fate, everyone probably has their own philosophy and strategy.

Over the years, roulette has acquired many myths. And while you can only smile at some of them, these misconceptions seriously hurt the players, forcing them to part with money.

The wheel hides the "sleeping numbers". The European version of roulette has 37 numbers. It is logical that many of them may not fall out for a long time. The number that the ball did not hit for a long time is called "sleeping". Many roulette players, having seen such numbers, begin to focus on betting on them. It seems that these numbers are about to fall out. But the rules of the casino say that past results do not affect future results in any way. So, missing the ball on certain numbers does not guarantee that it will soon be there.

We must bet on our lucky numbers. Many people believe that there are some personally lucky numbers. It seems that betting on them in a casino will certainly bring luck and money. In the Western world, the number "7" is considered lucky. They often bet on the numbers of football players or just their favorite numbers. But one must understand that "own" numbers do not guarantee a win in any way. It's just a hobby that you can't really count on.

All roulette wheels are the same. It turns out that roulette has its own varieties, which differ at least by the rings. For example, American roulette has 38 sectors, while European roulette has only 37 sectors. This gives different chances of winning.

The player has the same odds on all types of roulette. This is a fairly common myth. In fact, each type of roulette has its own level of house edge. In the American version, it is 5.26%, and in the European - only 2.7%. But the most liberal is the French version, in which the house edge is only 1.35%.

You can win at roulette using the betting system. Many people seek to gain some advantage in their pursuit of winning. It seems that a well-established betting system will help you win. The simplest is the Martingale system, which constantly doubles subsequent bets. In reality, such a system, in the event of a protracted losing streak, can completely destroy the player's bank. So there is no system that would be able to neutralize the advantages of the casino.

There are roulette curves. Gamblers romanticize the image of roulette specialists and, like them, look for off-center wheels. It seems that it is possible to guess which sectors the ball will hit more often. In reality, it is almost impossible to find such wheels - you need to study the results of tens of thousands of throw-ins to determine the possible displacement of the wheel. So you should not waste time on such searches, it will bring nothing but disappointment.

If you continue the game, sooner or later you will win it. When a person constantly loses, he goes into a stressful state. Then it is better to stop to come and recoup at the casino another time. But there are stubborn people who cannot stop bet and bet, expecting a big win. In fact, this is a problem, because a prolonged losing streak can destroy the entire player's bank. So this myth is dangerous, it is possible not to recoup as a result of a long game.

Can be won with talismans. It is difficult to relate to this myth without humor. Sometimes the players sit down at the table with their talismans. Someone has a rabbit's foot, and someone has chosen a lucky coin, a four-leaf clover, or just a lucky item. And although from a mathematical point of view, the chances of winning from this do not increase at all, such a player looks funny from the outside.

The dealer can influence the appearance of certain numbers. In fact, even an experienced dealer cannot make a ball fall into a certain hole. After all, the roulette wheel rotates in one direction, and the ball is thrown in another. The ball flies towards the holes with numbers at different speeds, so that the dealer can only guess about the drawn number, along with other players.

The roulette wheel spin has its own sequence. One of the most widespread myths about roulette says that the rotation of the wheel is subject to a certain logic, therefore, the history of the previously dropped combinations determines the next set of numbers. In fact, with each spin, the player has exactly the same chances of winning as before. Sometimes blind bets bring more substantial wins than playing "according to the system".

With the help of mathematical calculations, you can constantly win. Some gamblers believe that with the help of mathematics you can win not only blackjack, but also roulette. But in this game, such schemes do not work. The player simply cannot accumulate enough data required for calculations. That is why roulette is rightly called the "wheel of fortune".

It makes no difference what bet you make. In fact, it is very important which rate. The winnings will change depending on it. And there will be more chances of success if you bet on even / odd or black / red. If you bet on a single number, it will be much more difficult to win.

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