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Wedding abroad

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Every couple in love dreams of making their wedding unusual and unforgettable. There are also agencies that take over the organization of the wedding, realizing the most non-standard wishes.

Many newlyweds have no idea that there is such an option as holding a wedding abroad. In fact, most of the arguments are myths.

A wedding abroad is expensive. A young family should start planning a joint budget even before the wedding. It is worth wondering about the amount allocated for the honeymoon. Usually young people try to go as far as possible, because when will such an opportunity arise? The most popular destinations are Maldives, Dominican Republic, Miami, Cuba or Mexico. But a wedding tour to these corners of paradise will cost at least 3-4 thousand euros. It is worth adding also the expenses for the wedding, which on average is the same. The organization of a beautiful wedding ceremony in the same place, away from home, which will flow into the honeymoon, will require about the same amount of 3-4 thousand. For the difference, you can organize a trip to an exotic country of your closest relatives or friends. Such a celebration will clearly be remembered better than a banal party in a restaurant.

It is scary to have a wedding away from home. The unknown is frightening, because it is not clear where to start organizing such an event. There are many wishes that all need to be fulfilled. And the guests must be able to get together and not lose them. It is not clear where to look for the organizing team. Does it act on the spot or is it worth starting from the options in your hometown? There are many questions and they are scary. But holding a wedding abroad isn't that scary. The starting point can be visualizing the wedding. And let the organizer take care of fears and phobias. He will need to look for answers to questions and not sleep at night due to the fact that not everything is decided. These experts will find out in which country it is better to rent a villa, where the beaches are suitable for the ceremony, where there are good photographers and where you can go with them. It is quite possible to solve all these issues on your own, especially if the plan is liked by relatives and friends. You will have to study well the market for wedding services abroad. But this choice will be really deliberate. There is nothing wrong with the fear of organizing a wedding, but it can and should be shared either with a specialist or with loved ones.

Weddings abroad are too troublesome. When people really want something, they look for opportunities for it. If there is no desire, then the search for excuses begins. Leaving the comfort zone is accompanied by resistance and the desire to come back. Getting a wedding abroad seems like too much of a hassle. It is necessary that all guests prepare and complete the required documents, collect information, things. Even when preparing a wedding in their city, couples are not ready to change the concept, time and location. And you need to make changes on the fly while it still makes sense. So it's worth pulling yourself together and working a little on that event, which is likely to be the only one of its kind in life. A wedding can be played quickly and easily, but do people dream about it?

Holding a wedding abroad is impossible due to the large number of relatives. Often weddings are planned with the participation of all relatives; the number of guests can be more than a hundred. Just how many of them would you really like to see on this special day? You cannot do without parents, close relatives, friends. But is it 100 people? The one who really has so many friends can call himself the happiest in the world. There are several options to choose from for a wedding abroad. It could be a trip with your parents. A noisy and frivolous party with friends should then be organized upon arrival. Or you can do the opposite, take the whole party with you. And then sit with your family in a cozy family restaurant. If you take both those and others with you, then it is better to limit the number of guests to 30. In this case, no one will be offended. People who really love you will only rejoice.

The wedding abroad will not be official. Do not take this ceremony as a show. Yes, you can officially register earlier - guests don't need to know about it. And marriages are said to be made in heaven. A real ceremony is one in which beautiful vows sound, which will be photographed and video, which will then be shown to children. And abroad, you can get married quite officially. True, this will not have to be done on the beach or in the palace, but in the city municipality. In this case, the speeches will be heard in the local language. And to legalize this marriage in Russia, you will have to collect some documents. But this is quite real.

A wedding abroad is far away. The organizers of such a wedding are sometimes afraid of the distance that will need to be overcome. Some are afraid of long flights, and even with transfers, others are afraid of seasickness. And some do not want to waste time traveling by rail. The bureaucratic delays with documents are also frightening, which, in fact, is not so scary. But some documents still need to be prepared on time. It will take a month to get a passport, a week or two to get a visa. And then the purchase of tickets, hotel booking begins. And all this in addition to the standard wedding chores. There can be only one argument here - all fears and worries are paid off by the implementation of the original idea.

It is inconvenient to hold a wedding because of the language barrier. What is the language barrier hindering? It is a mistake to think that you will have to use the services of local wedding contractors: photographers, videographers, recorders, decorators. Both in Europe and even in Asia there are agencies with Russian-speaking staff. Even in our large cities there are agencies with experience of work abroad. So in every country it will not be a problem to find a team that knows both Russian and local. With proper organization during the registration of a marriage, it will be clear what is happening. Problems will arise if, in an attempt to save money, a little-known exotic resort is chosen, and the role of the registrar is entrusted to the first employee of the hotel. In other cases, a sincere, beautiful Russian speech will be heard at the ceremony.

Weddings are held in unbearable conditions. The idea of ​​holding a wedding in another country is scary because everything is completely different there. And this is true, whether we are talking about a European country or an Asian one. But isn't this what you plan to achieve by leaving your hometown and going into the distance? In fact, all weddings are the same, there are similar scenarios, content and characters. There are just a million ways to personalize an event, taking into account your personal characteristics. In the first place is a wedding in another country. The idea attracts with novelty, the opportunity to touch a different culture, traditions, to feel the national flavor.

There is nothing special about a wedding abroad. There is also such an opinion. People think this is just another tourist attraction that lacks sincerity. Weddings in Las Vegas are essentially no different from ours. Couples still pass through the arch, hear the same words of the recorder, sounds of live music (violin or saxophone). Indeed, a wedding abroad can be carried out according to the usual patterns, but who makes you follow such a scenario? You can piece together your ideal option. It can be a romantic dinner at sunset, away from people, alone with vows and rings. You will certainly need to do a photo session. A great addition will be a master class on introducing the local culture - cooking or crafts.

Preparing such an event will take too long. When a couple hears this option, it is quickly dismissed due to lack of time. Is it conceivable to prepare everything in a couple of months? For such a period, nothing can be done! In fact, there is enough time. It's just that women tend to doubt everything and pay special attention to preparation. We must not forget to take anything, have time to go to all the excursions. In fact, it is enough to simply notify the guests of your decision, find a hotel, a nice restaurant, a beautiful arch and photo and video operators on the Internet. And where without a luxurious dress? The agency may well undertake the bulk of the preparation.

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