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For every girl, a wedding is not just a celebration, but also a holiday that remains in memory for a lifetime. Someone is invisibly present in the background, following the correct course of the ceremony, photographers are bustling about choosing the right angle, the chefs are preparing dishes ...

It turns out that a beautiful and harmonious wedding is the result of the work of many professionals. This opinion was formed on the basis of a number of myths that should be debunked.

Decorators can do everything beautifully, quickly and inexpensively. There is a classic rule in marketing. According to it, only two of the three points can be realized simultaneously. If you do a job quickly and cheaply, it will turn out to be ugly, if you do it nicely and cheaply, it will take a lot of time, and quickly and beautifully will require large financial investments. This fully applies to the work of decorators. Everything, immediately and right here, will not work. It should be understood that you need to contact the decorators in advance. A consultation with them just two weeks before the celebration will double the cost of services. Are you willing to pay for urgency? The decorating team needs to move away from other planned projects and completely switch to the new one. If you want to make the holiday beautiful and pay inexpensively for it, then you need to book decorators in advance. It will be best to do this in six months. Those who easily undertake to arrange everything in a week, implement all ideas and drawings, and even for minimal funds, should not be trusted - the result will be disastrous.

You don't have to sign a contract with wedding decorators. Cancellation of the contract means that there is no responsibility for the wedding. In fact, no decent contractor that provides such services will work without a contract. And do not be afraid of unnecessary paperwork, on the contrary, she should be happy, because these are guarantees of high-quality work. The contract contains not only the data of both parties and the date of the event. The budget, the number of employees and their working conditions are negotiated. The performer must know how much time is allocated to him for installation and dismantling, whether it is possible to use photographs from the wedding in the decorator's portfolio in the future. If the conditions are not met, then a fine is prescribed, and this applies to both parties. So do not forget about this when signing the contract, and its points must be carefully studied so that they do not come as a surprise. Signing a contract with an advance payment is a guarantee that the decorators will actually complete their work by the appointed date.

Decorators are only concerned with arranging decorations. The work of a decorator differs little in its essence from the work of an interior designer. The specialist needs to meet and get to know the couple, learn its history. The bride and groom should talk about their habits and hobbies, lifestyle, dating history. Then the wedding concept is born. It is necessary to choose a theme, style, colors, decor volume. Creation of sketches is possible. Then comes the lengthy and thorough preparation process. It involves the selection and purchase of parts, the manufacture of decor, partly by hand, and partly to order, the acquisition of textile decor elements, flowers and preparation of their decoration. The installation itself and the arrangement of individual decorative elements is only one twentieth of the total amount of work. But this is not so easy either - you cannot do without style and a sense of taste. That is why you should not assume that decorators are simple props who only bring decorations to weddings and arrange them. It is on these people that the unique atmosphere of the holiday depends.

All decorators have a catalog of ready-made designs. Such misconceptions are deeply rooted in the heads of people preparing for a wedding. The opinion turns into a banal question: "How much does it cost to arrange a wedding?" The couple is waiting for a specific answer, a number. In response, they hear the amount of the average check per guest, the minimum budget, and sometimes the minimum amounts for individual items. This happens when decorators prefer to work individually. There are no ready-made concepts, a catalog of napkins and vases, and there is nothing to choose from when decorating a wedding. But the decorators will try to make a non-trivial, individual holiday out of the wedding. It will tell the story of this particular couple, no matter where and how they met and what they love. The decorator will prefer to create an individual proposal, which simply cannot be in the catalog. And the team will start working in this direction. The presence of a catalog may indicate that performers are simply not ready to work creatively, preferring templates.

Decorators work directly at the wedding itself. Many are surprised when, when communicating with decorators, they are asked to provide all the information in advance, discussing the style of the event several months in advance. For some reason, it seems strange that changes are not approved or made at the last moment. The fact is that work on the day of the celebration is the visible part of the iceberg. The main part is done in advance. And the sooner the decorators begin to prepare for the wedding, the more calmly they will be able to do their job, without making the customers nervous again. Those are required to draw up a list of guests and their number in advance. We need to draw up invitations, print them and send them out with a large supply. Best of all, if this happens much earlier than the classic two months before the wedding. On the wedding day, all that remains is to gather strength and implement everything conceived according to the script written in detail.

Decorators don't need prepayment. Because of this myth, many decorators suddenly find themselves in an uncomfortable position when the prepayment amount suddenly sounds when signing the contract. Customers at this moment sincerely express their bewilderment. The amount of prepayment for decorators is completely different than for stewards, photographers or videographers. And this is quite logical, because all the materials must be purchased in advance. Yes, and subcontractors have to pay for the work done before the celebration. And the team itself wants to receive money for preparing for the event. The prepayment can be a fixed amount, or it can be determined by a percentage of the preliminary estimate. This document is usually attached to the contract.

The decorator does not need to get acquainted with the wedding venue in advance. In the process of preparing a professional decorator for the wedding, an important step is to inspect the venue for the celebration. Usually decorators try to do this together with photographers and videographers. Such meetings are needed to discuss all the details of the wedding ceremony. It is necessary to evaluate the many possibilities of the chosen site: lighting, aesthetic and technical nuances, capacity, convenience of specialists' work. Measurements of furniture and the entire room are taking place, a table arrangement and seating arrangements for guests, and zoning of plots are being prepared. By the time of the celebration, plans should be ready for all emergency situations, including in case of bad weather.

The decorators are regular maintenance personnel. From time to time, every decorator is faced with the manifestation of such a myth in his work. These specialists can be dismissive of the couple themselves, the restaurant staff, and other specialists. No matter how unpleasant it is, it happens. Some clients believe that if they pay money to arrange a wedding, then the attitude towards them should be akin to worship. Why not respect those specialists who sincerely want to make the celebration bright and unusual? If you treat people who work at a wedding with a human being, then in return you can get not only high-quality service, but also a pleasant process of preparation in a society of interested and friendly people.

Decorators don't need to eat or drink. Editing usually begins six hours before the guests arrive, or even earlier. Some take all night to work. The installation process is very complex, time consuming and accompanied by fuss. Many decorators remain on the site at least until the end of the ceremony, and most often until the end of the celebration. They will help you transfer items, light candles and resolve inevitable hitching. The team will have to be at the celebration for at least eight hours. It makes sense that these living people would want to eat. On the part of the hosts of the holiday, offering snacks and water will be an elementary courtesy to those people who create an unusual celebration.

The bride's bouquet can be ordered just before the wedding. For couples, the main principle of work of decorators-florists becomes a surprise. It turns out that it is better to order flowers in advance, usually a couple of weeks in advance. It is necessary to discuss the required color scheme, composition and volume. Indeed, in a hurry, it may be impossible to take into account all the nuances of the bride's whimsical wishes. Florists, in any case, will try to place an order on time and respect the color scheme. It's just that in case of strict requirements for a bouquet, it is better to plan its preparation in advance.

The decorator can change the decor right before the wedding. It's no secret that many brides start to panic right before the wedding. It seems to them that their chosen one is not "the same", then doubts appear about the quality of the decor. This manifests itself in calls with a request to change the number of tables or the style of the entire wedding, or even try to accommodate more guests, adding new elements to the view. In this case, decorators meet halfway even at the very last moment. However, this is true when it comes to little things. Ordering additional bonbonnieres or finding more napkins is not so difficult. But to change the very concept of the holiday and its main elements at the last moment is already unrealistic. It is worth remembering this if new ideas suddenly come to mind.

Wedding decor is limited to balls, tablecloths, and chair covers. It should be understood that a bright individual couple should also have a corresponding wedding. Therefore, a turnkey event with ready-made solutions is a simple but controversial option. Such proposals are far in the past, in the Soviet Union. Today, the concept of wedding decor has expanded greatly. It includes a large number of elements, from the design and printing of invitations to the right compliments to guests. Careful thinking through all the elements will lead to the fact that the holiday will turn out to be bright and memorable. Each wedding is individual, it is not at all necessary to use numerous “classic” elements from the decor list. Why not take a decorator's advice? This professional will help you in the best way to choose the most necessary for the celebration, taking into account your wishes.

It is best to use the maximum number of decorative elements. The volume of wedding decor is not an easy question. Some people want more "beauty", but this does not mean that it will turn out better and more beautiful. For a wedding to look truly rich, it does not have to contain all possible decorative elements, and there is no need to decorate everything with flowers. The celebration will be stylish if each element is inscribed in a pre-created concept or is generally individual, selected specifically for the bride and groom. It is better to exchange the number of elements for the quality of the materials used. Jewelry should not dazzle and cut the eyes. The wedding should attract attention not by the amount of decor, but by the love story of the bride and groom.